Our Story

Event Planning meets Photo Sharing!

It all began when Mike Ensor, facing the daunting task of coordinating family and guest pictures for his upcoming wedding, found himself in a bit of a pickle. Although there were many photo websites to choose from, each one would require his not-so-computer-savvy parents to create an account in order to share and view the photos they and other friends took during the wedding.
At his fiancée's suggestion, Mike developed his own solution: The Pix Lounge.

Now, anyone can have their guests share photos for birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, bar mitzvah, reunions, or any other event where attendees have their own cameras ready.

The Founders

Mike Ensor


Mike's obsession with computers happened at the age of 8 where he accidentally hit <open-apple> + C on his parent's Apple IIe. From that point on, he ended up taking AP computer science in high school, placing in the top 100 technicians in the nation at Packard Bell (all while being the youngest Packard Bell employee), and running the 2nd largest BBS system in Denver, CO. After college, Mike spent three years in Germany teaching snowboarding and programming before migrating to the city of Seattle, WA to work for several successful small and large companies including Real Networks, Classmates.com, All-Star Directories, Cingular wireless, Group Health Coop and AT&T. Mike founded The Pix Lounge in the fall of 2010 primarily to offer a common custom website for his guest to share photos of his wedding.

When Mike isn't discovering new computer languages, he can be found on the ski hill, brewing beer, playing ice hockey or traveling to new locations.

Amanda Loser

Project Manager/Analysts

Probably the only person to successfully migrate from Seattle, WA to Scranton, PA, Amanda keeps operations running smoothly at The Pix Lounge as project manger and business analyst. Her diverse professional background (linguistics, logistics, IT, sales and marketing) serves her well in tackling any task at hand.

When she isn't representing Pix Lounge Northeast, you can find her hiking some peaks, collecting visas in her passport, or feeding her newly found hot wing addiction.

Kim Morris

Creative Director

Kim loves all things UX (information architecture, usability, and graphic design) and brings with her over 10 years of experience. She has worked with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in various industries. She's also an avid photographer, which fuels her passion for this site.

When she's not working with the Pix Lounge, she can be found kayaking the Georgia rivers or working with her Greyhound adoption group to place retired racers into loving homes.

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